Mohammed Rafeeq

Managing Director

QC Non-API & API Inspectors
Inspectors for AWS, CSWIP and more

About Mohammed Rafeeq

An enthusiastic, capable Mechanical Engineer with 15 years of experience as a QC (Static & Rotary Equipment) Engineer /INSPECTOR in the Oil & Gas/Petrochemical/ Power Plant/Utility sector and Intend to build a career in leading corporate with committed & dedicated people that encourages continuous learning and creativity, providing exposure to new ideas and realize my potential, which stimulates personal and company growth. I desire to accomplish work that is intellectually challenging and is part of your company in achieving its organizational goals. Provided an opportunity, I will never let it go by without a dedicated Endeavour to prove my worth.


In 2009, I Completed Mechanical Engineering at the K.C.T Polytechnic & Engineering College, Gulbarga. And started my journey toward my professional career.


Khaja Bandanawaz College of Engineering, Gulbarga.


QC Lead Inspector, Qatar.


15 years of experience & Professional adviser

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