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Manpower Outsourcing

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Who we are

We are young & creative business advisors

We are proud to offer top range of comprehensive employment services such as payroll and benefits administration, HR management, and assistance with employer compliance.

Our Philosophy

Strategy experience and ana lytical expertise.

Our Resources

Strategy experience and ana lytical expertise.

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Our Human Resource Services


Strategic Planning provides broad menu Human Resource Service

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Do you need help for yourself or a loved one?

We have introducing the proper human resources, which will managed and created by our company’s employees.
Strategy Consulting 90%
Excellence Research 80%
  • High standards of integrity.
  • We do not have to be
  • Give our best. Abilitylearn.


We Choose our Human Resources

We have our special functions are add to a business.
We feel that this special functions is part of HR its piece of the success business.

Our Mission

Our mission statement reflects our commitment to offering the highest quality service to our clients, candidates and all the other stakeholders we work with, as well as the delivery of our corporate social responsibility program to help the wider community.

Our Vision

To deliver world-class professional requirement solutions, to employers & job seekers in every range of disciplines, the key principles of Innovation, Care, Trust, and Passion, represent the collective consciousness of the firm reaching new heights of success year after year.

Our Commitment

We undertake to repatriate on our own expenses if any candidate deployed by Delta engineering services, is found professionally or medically unfit or refuses to work specified by the company within a probationary period of 90 days from the date of his deployment.
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The Employees & Service are always help growths.

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The Functional Program are always help growths.
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